Our machine shop specializes in manufacturing injection molds, providing drilling and boring services, as well as metal forming, bending, rolling, forging, machining and stamp. Here are some examples of how we can complete your work.

AutoCAD and Design

Beginning with your idea, we translate it into a precise drawing and computer model using our extensive 3D block library and years of expertise. Once complete, we can upload your design into our machinery where it will be cut, cast, or pressed into any metal you require.

Wire EDM

For materials, up to 12 inches thick, we can use Wire EDM to cut vertical, tapered, or transitional shapes into hardened metals. Guided by computer models, cuts can be made down to eight thousandths (.008).

CNC Machining

Our CNC machines can cut simple or complex shapes into most metals and hard plastics. Not only are our processes cost effective, but our state-of-the-art machines can produce the polished surfaces required in high performance or high pressure parts for aerospace and manufacturing jobs.

Die-Sink EDM

Hilton Tool has the capability to produce it's own Sink EDM dies. Which means there is no shape that cannot be cut into a hardened metal form. We already have a huge collection of unique die patterns that may already fit your needs, so your job could be started right away!